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Find the best beaches, food, tours & travel tips.

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Beach Guides & Sight Seeing

Find our favorite beaches & most enjoyable sights around the island.  Click any link to open one of our guidebooks on Airbnb.  Each guide is filled with information and locations to the best spots in Puerto Rico.  The Tours link has information about third-party tours.


Restaurant & Chinchorreo Guides

Our restaurant guides feature only our favorite places to eat and we have compiled lists based on geographic areas to help plan your days out sight seeing. 

Chinchorro is the name of any roadside bar that also offers a variety of local foods.  A favorite past time is spending a Saturday or Sunday driving around and sampling several different Chinchorros in an area.  It is so popular that a verb was created to describe the event, Chinchorreo!

You will find several restaurants on each map, pick and choose what looks good to you.  Each area is known for a specific type of food.  Be aware that many of these stops may only be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday is usually the busiest day for most of these restaurants.

Click an icon to find a map of Chinchorros in different areas of the island.


Restaurant Guide

All Areas of PR


Chinchorreo Cayey-Guavate

Known for Roasted Pork


Chinchorreo Piñones - Loiza

Known for Seafood


Chinchorreo Morovis - Orocovis

Sausage & Smoked Meats

Pride Flags

LGBTQ+ Community

Puerto Rico has a thriving LGBTQ Community.  Read more to find a list of places we have visited as well as our experiences.  Also read more about Pride celebrations throughout the island. 

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